A downloadable experiment for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A few notes to all subjects:

  • For best results, ensure the use of headphones.
  • In cases of suboptimal performance, downgrade the quality settings.
  • If affected past the first hour, please consult your project supervisor.

Good luck.

This is the first game from TeamHumanSimulator and was made during Global Game Jam 2018. This was the first game any of us had made and as a result is a very short experience. We loved the experience of building a game and we'd really like some feedback on it! We welcome your comments!

This game requires a relatively powerful computer to run. We apologize if your computer can't run it; it's not your computer, it's us. A couple things that can make a big difference are decreasing the quality settings and running the game in a smaller window.


Thought Experiment for Windows 56 MB
Thought Experiment for Mac 60 MB
Thought Experiment for Linux 77 MB
Thought Experiment Source 703 MB

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