A downloadable plump for Windows, macOS, and Linux

As MommaQuack you must lead your flockload of baby ducklings through a cruel and trap infested world. From bladed hazards to explosive dangers your road to safety is long and hard. In this game of careful wiggling and waddling you must remain alive while also ensuring the survival of your flock. Good duck leading your babies to safety through this strange and quacky world!

Waddle you waiting for, get in there!

Please consider rating the game here if you're an Ludum Dare 41 participant.

Controller (recommended)
Movement - LS
Sprint - A (Xbox) or X (Playstation)
Camera Control - RS
Camera Zoom - RT, LT

Keyboard & Mouse
Movement - W,A,S,D or Dir.Keys
Sprint - Left Mouse, LShift
Camera Control - Mouse movement
Camera Zoom - Mouse Wheel

This is the second game from TeamHumanSimulator and our first 3D game with physics. It was create for LudumDare 41, although we only had 48 hours to work on it. All assets in here are original (including the incredibly accurate duck sounds). We welcome any feedback you may have!

The current high score from our playthroughs was 5 ducklings saved.


MotherDucker for Windows 31 MB
MotherDucker for Mac 33 MB
MotherDucker for Linux 34 MB
MotherDucker OST


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I really enjoyed this. It's cute and silly. I wish you good fortune in the competition :) 

Soundtrack available here: https://closecallstudios.bandcamp.com/album/mother-ducker-ost