A downloadable micro for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Mac Robinson has just discovered a new scientific method that he is calling the Macro method. Unfortunately his time has been cut short as he has been forced to use it sooner than he planned. Help Mac make it home safely so he can share the wonders of his new discoveries with the world!

Character animations and backgrounds were created using purely practical effects. This includes rotoscoping an action figure in stop motion for character movements and food dye on a plastic sheet, sparklers, and running water for backgrounds.

Made in 48 hours for Ottawa Game Jam 2018!


Left stick (or A/D) to move

Hold right bumper (or left shift) to run

A (or space) to jump

X (or W) to grab

Start (or escape) to immediately exit the game (no menu, no confirmation)


MACRO for Windows 395 MB
MACRO for Mac 398 MB
MACRO for Linux 412 MB

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