A downloadable bat for Windows, macOS, and Linux

For centuries, spirits have dwelled between the spectral planes. It is here where they seek their purpose; Glory, and power. Many before have lost sight of this path in search of wealth... but it is this greed that has lead these souls to be trapped in an eternal state of gluttony. Now, your time has come. face these trails and seek your path of glory, but avoid the fault of others that failed before. 

Armed with weapon in hand and your drive to conquer, you must stop at nothing to achieve victory... 

As you engage in...!


This competitive 3D fantasy beat 'em up has you competing against your friends for the best score as you race for the best time in three treacherous spectral trials. Only the fastest will prevail, so make haste and prove yourself worthy of victory! Remember not to waste time with riches as your life is worth more than what currency will bring you.

Play solo to compete against the developers, or challenge your friends for the ultimate bragging rights.  

Race, clash, and make it rain coins as you bash your way to the warp gate. Good luck, and don't get left behind...



Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Rotation: Mouse

Left bat swing: Left mouse button

Right bat swing: Right mouse button

Controller (Xbox only; sorry to all those with Sega Dreamcast controllers)

Movement: Left stick

Rotation: Right stick

Left bat swing: Left trigger

Right bat swing: Right trigger


BATCLASH for Windows 71 MB
BATCLASH for Mac 90 MB
BATCLASH for Linux 76 MB

Install instructions

Extract the contents, execute the executable, pray all goes well

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